The 28 Best Documentaries on Netflix

The 28 Best Documentaries on Netflix by DEN OF GEEK

Into the Abyss cinematography by Peter Zeitlinger asc

Into the Abyss

Werner Herzog is such a famous documentarian that people actually enjoy doing impressions of him. To be fair, a good Werner Herzog impression is finer than the most expensive wine one can find. But I digress.

Herzog’s reputation as a master documentarian is earned but Into the Abyss is rarely discussed when his filmography is brought up. That’s a shame because Into the Abyss is his simplest, most direct and perhaps best film. Herzog is an anti-death penalty advocate and in Into the Abysshe tracks down a murderer on deathrow just to hear his story, brutality and all. It’s almost as though Herzog is deliberately seeking out the most powerful living counterargument to his beliefs just to see if they hold up.