Queen of the Desert

Review Los Angeles Times: Werner Herzog and Peter Zeitlinger travel to Arabian lands and Bolivian loopiness in ‘Queen of the Desert,’ ‘Salt and Fire’
They dissipate Herzog’s and cinematographer Peter Zeitlinger’s stabs at poetically rendering a challenging landscape, not to mention its native inhabitants. Unsurprisingly, he’s as fascinated by dromedaries and a squawking vulture as he is the humans….
…He also yells uncontrollably, proudly displays his anamorphic art, and decides Laura needs to be stranded in the region’s vast, unforgiving salt flats, near an expectantly angry volcano, with meager provisions and two blind boys.

Like something you peer at rather than absorb, “Salt and Fire” is both awful and a tad fascinating. Taken as an allegory for Herzog’s relationship to his obsessions — leaving civilization for the harshly beautiful, dwarfing might of the natural world — its skewed logic has a weird pull…